Sangat ji,
*New Parcharik School – by Basics of Sikhi* Starting from End June 2015-* In our search for parcharaks we found many people saying,
“I would do parchar if I knew more about Sikhi”.

Since not everyone is able to go to India to learn Sikhi, Basics of Sikhi is setting up a Parcharik School in the UK to train-up people who want to become parchariks.

This will be a full-time 6 month course and we are hiring a full-time tutor to teach it. He is a native British Sikh who has spent many years learning in India from some of the best renowned traditional school. The school will be near Birmingham and its likely to be residential, ie students will be living at studying at the school for 6 months at a time. Students from America, Canada and Europe are welcome but majority of teaching will be in English or Punjabi.

At the end of the training programme, given progress and ability to teach as well as willingness, there is likely to be a job offer for students to join Basics of Sikhi.

Ideal Entry requirements
• Amritdhari and Keeping Rehit
• Enthusiasm for sikhi parchaar
• Have taken opportunities to do parchaar
• General life experience
• Good familiarity of BoS content
• Healthy, able to sit on the floor for long periods of time
• Happy to prepare food, clean and maintain house
• Charismatic, be able to engage with general public
• To be able to read Gurmukhi
• Speak basic Punjabi

If you are interested or know anyone who is, please get them to apply with a CV and covering letter to

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