I am the spirit of Jassa Singh Ramgharia. My spirit has been disturbed recently because I have been informed of some highly anti-gurmat activities in ‘Ramgharia’ Gurdwara Sahibs in the UK.

My spirit has therefore been forced to pen these words to you, out of immense concern and pain of seeing the descendents of the misl, treading the path of the masands.

Oh Ramgharia misl….my spirit has been stirred because I cannot bear to watch the misl’s reputation torn apart. You have made my misl into a caste, o foolish people, when did the misl become a caste.

I see you have something called social media these days. The Ramgahria name is taken in vain, Ramgharia institutions are laughing stocks on internet discussions, fellow Khalsas are pointing the finger at this once mighty Misl that the puratan singhs of old worked so hard to build.

I am pained that my misl sardars are running drinking dens in Gurdwaras that they run as a caste. My misl sardars are naming these drinking dens after me.

The misl has turned their back to the sweet nitnem and most importantly to the amrit of my 10th master.

Oh Ramgharia Misl, have you forgotten that my grandfather received amrit from the 10th master himself ? Remember that the misl was the staunchest of followers of the 10th master and his rehat. But alas…all this has been forgotten.

Oh Ramgharia Misl….remember that if you do not reform and follow the 10th master’s strict discipline, you will enter the 8.4 million life-forms again and suffer endless pain. Do you want this?

Oh Ramgharia Misl, have you forgotten that the name Ramgharia means ‘defenders of the fort of Waheguru’ and that the ‘Ram’ in ‘Ramgharia’ was derived from my 4th master, Guru Ramdas Ji ? And do you think you have remained the defenders of Waheguru’s fort with your masand ways? Ramgharia is not a caste, but it has been used as such !!

My emotions are overwhelmed with grief and immense sadness as I pen these words.


Dass, Slave of the Panth

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