Sikhs from across the UK representing many Gurdwaras and Organisations gathered to meet with the Superintendent David Gordon of Warwickshire police. At the meeting which lasted 2 hours, representatives stressed the damage and hurt this incident and the related media headline initiated by the Police had caused the UK and Global Sikh community, due to the irresponsible and sensationalised headlines and disproportionate use of Police forces including Armed and Riot response units.

Over 25 specific questions was tabled and asked about any pre knowledge and meetings the Police had with the mgmt committee, the nature of the initial reports, the decision making process and threat assessment made by the police in deciding not to de-escalate the incident, the disastrous media strategy and timings.

Further Questions were also asked about the arrests and validity of ‘Trespass’ at a Gurdwara and nature of the ongoing investigation.

The group requested the return of all the personal Kirpans that were retained by the police and they agreed to return within 24hrs.

Other key actions and demands by the Sikh community representatives included;

1. A police statement and apology for the distress and inadvertent damage (9/11 race hate crimes) this incident has caused the Sikh community

2. Confirmation of a full Internal Review of the Process & Decision making

3. Retrospective Action and investigate of the Racial and offensive Race Hate crimes committed outside and reported to the Police

4. Preventative action and discussion with the Gurdwara Mgmt Committee to avoid future flashpoints and protests

5. Review of Warwickshire Police advisors (Sikh Capacity)

Sikh Federation UK led the way of talks with the Police Department of Warwickshire.

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