UK News Channel Covers 1984 Delhi Sikh Massacre (Video)

Watch studio guest Jagraj Singh of Basics Of Sikhi speak about the Sikh Genocide of 1984. The 30th year anniversary of the assassination of Indira Gandhi.

On November 1, 1984, a huge mob from the suburbs of Delhi descended on various localities where mainly Sikh were concentrated. They were armed with iron rods, knives, clubs and some carried combustible materials, including kerosene. They had voters’ lists of houses and business establishments belonging to Sikhs. The mobsters swarmed into Sikh homes brutally killing men, women and children. Their houses and shops were then ransacked and burned. The most affected regions were neighborhoods in Delhi, but in and out of Delhi, crazed mobs stopped buses and trains, pulling out Sikh passengers who were lynched or doused with kerosene and burned alive.

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