A British MP and Minister for Civil Society Rob Wilson visited a Gurdwara Sahib in the UK.

He held a copy of the Sikh Manifesto which was launched by the Sikh Federation UK last month that outlines the issues most concerning the Sikh community.


The Sikhs are targeting 50 seats in the upcoming UK Parliamentary elections and have realized they can tilt the fortunes of political parties.

One such member of Parliament realized that his win or loss can be dependent on the Sikhs and so he gave support to the Sikh Manifesto.

While he was attending the Gurdwara the Chardi Kala Turban Academy tied a turban on him which he was very happy about:


Sikhs in the UK have prepared the first ever Sikh Manifesto for the political parties of Britain. Majority of the 700,000 Sikhs in the UK have a common agenda which they hope their respective political leaders will respond to.

There are many issues which need attention such as the British involvement in 1984 attack, labeling of Sikhs as Asians, Britain recognizing the 1984 Sikh Genocide as a Genocide, raising voice against the turban ban in France and other important issues highlighted in the below manifesto.

Politicians have avoided the important issues concerning the Sikhs but now in a collective effort the British Sikhs have prepared their list of demands.

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