UK Gurdwara Responds to £100,000 Fine Allegations

Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara Sahib of South Hall UK issued the following statement on the £100,000 fine allegations by Tera Panth Vasse organization:

This statement is in response to earlier story: UK Gurdwara Fined 100,000 pounds


Sangat may have seen a recent post by Tera Panth Vase suggesting that Sri Guru Singh Sabha has been recently fined £100,000 for employing illegal workers.

I can confirm that Tera Panth Vase have released this statement on social media and some websites and have also urged Sangat to spread and share their post but have failed to confirm the facts from their “various sources”.

I can confirm that Sri Guru Singh Sabha and the current management committee have not been contacted by Tera Panth Vase to get any information and instead they have relied on sources that clearly have given them incorrect information which has lead them to “understand” that Sri Guru Singh Sabha has been fined and they have made accusations and have urged Sangat to spread this lie based on incorrect information.

I can confirm that the current management committee has not employed anyone who does not have the right to work in the UK.
All employees who had no right to work were given their P45s last month after HMRC checks were conducted.

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