In what has to be one of the fastest rescue operations, a child was rescued and united with his parents in about 35 minutes according to sources. The two Sikh men named Surendar and Harpreet were closing down their Domino Pizza shop in Zirakpur near Chandigarh when they realized a boy had been dropped off from an SUV outside.

They ran to aid the boy and realized he may have become a victim of kidnapping. The two tried to gather as much information from the boy as possible so that they can unite the child back to his parents.

Coincidentally, the child was carrying a book which happened to contain his father’s phone number. They called the number but no one answered but they realized they had their own database of their customers who order pizza.

They plugged the number into the database of Dominos and came an address to a person who once ordered pizza from them located at sector 20 Panchkula. They immediately went toward Panchkula’s police station to have the police assist finding the parents. Luckily, the parents were also present in the police station and became relieved that their son was rescued by the Sikh men.

Further details revealed the mother of the child was held at gunpoint and her car was robbed. The child happened to be inside the car and it’s unknown whether deliberately he was taken and later dropped off or the thief had not known the child was in the backseat.

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