Two Dead While Babbu Mann Performed at Marriage Palace

A man and his nephew became the deceased victims when a person from the same village shot them dead. The deceased Balwant Singh age 50 and his nephew Gurpreet Singh both from village Dhandran were killed while Babbu Mann performed on stage.

Reports have suggested that an argument took place between Balwant Singh and the shooter Jagjit Singh took place inside the marriage palace which led to Jagjit shooting at Balwant. The 28 year old nephew Gurpreet became another victim after he came to the rescue of his uncle.

All three involved in the incident were from the same village and reports have suggested their was enmity between the two parties.

Video footage show that the shooter was eventually tackled to the floor and his weapon confiscated.

The marriage palace known as the Kashmir Gardens had signs posted stating that weapons were not allowed inside the venue.

Here are some videos of the incident:

Another news report of the incident:

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