After the Texas County Sheriffs department posted regarding a Sikh being allowed to wear a turban while on duty, the racists took over the Facebook wall.

Message from Harris County Sherriff’s office:


We are celebrating our first Sikh American deputy, as Sheriff Garcia continues to bolster cultural diversity throughout the Harris County Sheriff’s Office!

Patrol Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal, a Sikh American who joined the Sheriff’s Office six years ago, will, for the first time, be allowed to wear a Dastaar and beard when in full uniform – both are articles of faith of the Sikh religion. Signifying their commitment to their faith, Sikhs do not cut their hair, and Sikh men and women cover their head with turbans. These articles of faith represent a Sikh’s commitment to equality, service, and justice.

Sheriff Adrian Garcia, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, and SALDEF will make a formal announcement at a news conference later this week. More details to come.

Racist comments on their post in facebook:



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