A 42-year-old Sikh shopkeeper in the UK was hit over the head with a bottle of whiskey by a thug -but was saved by his thick turban.
Gurpal Singh says his turban protected his skull as the 19 pound bottle shattered over his head.

“I had my turban on and that saved me from more damage when the bottle broke. I would have been cut without it and I prayed in thanks after,” Nottingham Post quoted Singh as saying.

The bottle was wielded by shoplifter Ronald Richardson, who was given a suspended jail term on Friday for the attack.

Singh, needed hospital treatment after being hit on the side of the head while working in the Family Shopper store in The Meadows. He was left with bruises and a bump.

Richardson had paid for the 70cl bottle of whiskey – but staff spotted bars of Dairy Milk chocolate stuffed into his bag.
Singh told him to pay 7 pounds for them.

A 16-week prison term, suspended for a year, was imposed on Richardson, 49. He admitted threatening behaviour and assaulting Singh by beating.

He was asked to pay Singh compensation of 200 pounds.

He was quoted in a local newspaper Western Daily stating:

But today, Mr Singh, who runs the Family Shopper store in The Meadows, Nottingham, said: “I had my turban on and that saved me when the bottle broke.

“It saved my life and I prayed in thanks after. I still have the bump and it is very painful if I touch it. It affected me deeply at the time.

“It is just a thick, black turban. Doctors said it must have reduced the impact. I was stunned.

“It was just a few chocolates and he didn’t like me asking. I said I had to take them back and was struck. Customers were very good and helped.

“One lady was with her two children and was so scared she hid in the corner of the shop. Her children had nightmares and she told me she couldn’t sleep afterwards.”

With Inputs from Hindustan Times

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