Turban Changed This Man’s Life Forever

A dream isn’t something you think you might get if you had the time and resources. A dream is something you are possessed by. A dream is something you can never stop thinking about.

A dream is something you are ready to sacrifice everything for! And If your dream isn’t BIG enough for all this, then you don’t have a dream at all. Gurpartap Kang, who hails from Karnal, Haryana is a Turban stylist. And he got his biggest break when he got selected to style turban for Diljit Dosanjh, the Actor. That one opportunity completely changed his life and ever since, he is styling Diljit Dosanjh for all the movies like Punjab 1984, Udta Punjab and so on.

This all happened because he was not ready to give up on his dreams. He also mentions that before you give up on your dreams, don’t forget that the people who change the world are not the ones who never felt fearful. At some point, they all felt frozen with fear just like you do but what makes them different is that they decided to be stronger than their fear. Let’s watch his josh talk and learn from this inspiring life story how to chase your dreams and dream big!

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