(DSU News Bureau) A picture has recently gone viral which shows a unique couple undergoing an Anand Karaj.

The picture was instantly transformed into memes by Punjabis being racist towards the couple. Many Punjabis made fun of the unique couple without knowing the actual story while some speculated. The truth has finally come out regarding the picture.


The groom is an African American male and the girl a Punjaban who recently adopted the Sikh faith according to sources close to the couple. The groom underwent a transformation after meeting the Punjabi woman who taught him about Sikhism.

A source close to the couple stated “He became amazed after learning the teachings of Sikhi and decided to adopt the faith.”

The couple were aware both must be Sikh to have an Anand Karaj. The Akal Takht Rehat Maryada, Hukamname, and in the 52 Hukams of Guru Gobind Singh Ji all state that a Sikh must marry a Sikh.

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