During a town hall meeting hosted by CNN, Lt Brian Murphy asked a question on backlash faced by minority communities after terror by radical Islamists.

Dr. Rajwant Singh the head of the National Sikh Campaign appreciated the brilliant question asked by the Oak Creek Hero Lr. Brian Murphy.

“Brian Murphy, an American hero, asking a very important question during a town hall meeting with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Brian very pointedly brought out the fact that 99% of the people who wear turbans in American are Sikhs and are not Muslims. He also asked how an American president can make sure that there is proper education about the groups like Sikhs, Muslims and Hindus so they dont feel alienated in wake of terrorist attacks in Paris or Brussels. ‪#‎BrianMurphy‬ ‪#‎AmericanHero‬ ‪#‎OakCreekSikhTemple‬

Sikhs will always remain indebted to Brian Murphy for his courage in saving so many Sikh women and children during the attack at the Oak Creek Sikh Temple in 2012 and his steadfastness in standing up for the right issues in America! He took 15 bullets and yet protected people inside the Sikh gurdwara. When people came to save him he directed them to take women and children to safety rather than being helped. That is a Hero! ‪#‎GOPTownHall‬
Brian Murphy was honored by President Obama at the White House for his distinguished service to the nation and he was also introduced at the State of the Union address by Obama.”

During a live q&a on CNN Oak Creek Hero Captain Murphy tells Donald Trump "99% of those who wear turbans in America are Sikhs and Not Muslims"

Posted by Daily Sikh Updates on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

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