A picture was seen circulating around social networks which shows a woman holding a hand of a man as if trying take to the person towards Sri Harmandar Sahib. The picture and those in the picture were criticized for posing in such a way at Sri Harmandir Sahib. While some criticized others didn’t have an issue.


So what is really going on?

The person taking the picture is a Russian photographer by the name of Osmann and the woman in the picture is his girl friend Natalie Zakharova. The couple are travelling around the world taking similar pictures at some of the most historical places in the world.

The name of the project is ‘Follow me to’ and similar pictures were clicked in some of the most beautiful and historic places around the world.

The portrayal of the picture appears to show the woman taking the man towards Sri Harmandir Sahib. One can say the woman is taking the person towards the Guru and it can be portrayed in such manner.

It is up to the person and it’s their own interpretation but the artists are weren’t romanticizing nor were they trying to create any controversy but simply trying to spread a message of peace and serenity.

Some of the below comments were seen on social networks:

“Er Rahul He is russian photographer murad osmann with his gf nataly zakharova . the series of photographer is named as “follow me”

 By da way it’s true,, that it’s not a right place for photography,, if u wana do a photography please try at shimla, Dalhousie, mansoori,, but leave religious place for religious chants or simrans,, not for a commercial photography, I think that it’s appropriate to have family photos not a romantic photos,

Sonia Matharoo I’m not one to moan but although the Gurdwara is beautiful the whole pic is not. I’m not religious but even I would respect a place of worship. It’s not a hangout for any sort of lovey dovey stuff.

ClareBear Sanford It’s a beautiful picture. Love is also beautiful – both the love we have for one another, and the love we have for our God or spirituality

Ekm Singh we r ntt against it…but this is harmandir sahib not any tourist place… so think before u post bro.. ppl visit here for religious porpose so dnt do masti thr…

Harsh Sharma shameless this is not place of where ye clicked picture there lot of places go there why ye people do that in gurdwara shaib ji if ye do that act it will create stigma upon not ye upon sikhism please don’t do that”

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