Tribute to the First Swiss Sikh Who Tragically Lost His Life Last Week

(DSU News Bureau) GurSikh Joban Singh who embraced Sikhi was shot dead on May 10 along with his parents by his brother in law. The estranged brother in law then shot himself after killing his own family members. The incident occurred at Aargau village of Switzerland.

Joban’s previous name was lucas who was known to be a painter and reportedly was the first Swiss to accept Sikhi in Switzerland.

Joban was inspired by Seva and principles of Sikhi of serving humanity at the local Gurdwara Sahib in Langenthal and then embraced Sikhi.

He further advanced his studies into the Sikh faith after visiting India for nearly 2 months. He visited historical gurdwaras and learned the rich history of Sikhs.

Many people who knew Joban expressed their sadness over the loss of a bless soul. Basics of Sikhi founder Jagraj Singh has dedicated a tribute for Joban:

Just days before Joban was killed he posted on his Facebook a beautiful poem he wrote: Joban Singh’s Poem

Video Credits to Basics of Sikhi

Tribute to Joban Singh by dailysikhupdates

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