Bhai Malkit Singh Ji Batala Wale who passed away at Richmond Hill Gurdwara Sahib while doing kirtan left behind his wife and 2 young daughters.

Bhai Sahib was on a religious worker visa and serving at Sant Sagar Gurdwara Sahib.

A doctor named Pat Buchanan was touring the Gurdwara Sahib with representatives of United Sikhs when Bhai Malkit Singh suffered from the heart attack. Members of the Sangat alerted the doctor and he quickly came to provide assistance. He performed CPR and tried his level best to save Bhai Sahib until the paramedics arrived. However, Bhai Malkit Singh Ji suffered from a massive heart attack and left for sachkhand while singing praises of Akal Purakh Wahe Guru.

Dr. Pat Buchanan
Dr. Pat Buchanan

Tribute to Bhai Malkit Singh by dailysikhupdates

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