Kanwar Grewal is one Punjabi singer who has greatly evolved from his entry into the Punjabi music industry. The lyrics of his songs have taken a trend of being spiritual. He has preached message of Sikhi to an extent and in recent shows he’s quoted gurbani quite extensively.

Kanwar Grewal’s performance at the Delhi Fateh Diwas has received tremendous response by the sangat who extensively praised the singer.

Kanwar Grewal GurSikh Wedding:

Kanwar Grewal has set a great example of how an Anand Karaj should be conducted. Kanwar Grewal married Bibi Karamjit Kaur of Sri Mukatsar Sahib in Puran Guru Maryada Anand Karaj. The couple conducted lavaan at Amrit Vela 4am without any type of Punjabi culture interference.

Kanwar Grewal wore no Shirvaani and no Sehra and dressed in simple clothes. He married a girl from a GurSikh family without any dowry and no unnecessary expenditure.

Sikhs worldwide have praised Kanwar Grewal for keeping the GurSikh Maryada alive on the proper way of conducting an Anand Karaj.

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