New film ‘Blood Street’ is receiving a great response on social media.

Inspired by true incidents that happened in the fateful year of 1984, the upcoming Punjabi film is the story of a mother and son, who are caught up in the aftermath of the turbulence during that time.

It stars Sonpreet Jwanda and Binni Singh, both fresh faces in the Punjabi film industry.

The film was delayed due to the Mumbai Censor Board imposing a ban on its release last year, citing the depiction of certain radical elements in the film.

“It was rejected three times by the Mumbai Censor Board and Chennai Censor Board until a few months ago before the controversy around the film MSG: Messenger of God cropped up. We approached the new bench of the Censor Board and they cleared the film with minor cuts and a few words muted down,” the director and writer of the film Darshan Darvesh said.

Stressing on the fact that the film contains no objectionable elements, Darshan says, “It’s a story about basic human rights and the struggle of minorities to overcome the social and political injustice. The issue is relevant worldwide and not just in India. Only the story has been depicted in context of Punjab.”

The film will release with 100 prints worldwide on May 1. “It reflects upon the consequences of the actions and reactions during the militancy period in Punjab. The youth was the most vulnerable and was left aimless. It’s like a sign of interrogation regarding the happenings during the time,” he says.

Confident that the film will do well once it releases, Darshan says the delay and unnecessary controversy is a bit annoying for a filmmaker. Via Tribune New Service

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