British mother of 3 Angela Slinn, 45, died suddenly in India after flying to the country to see her Sikh lover Jaspal Singh whom she met on Facebook.


The Sikh lover age 30 told a British Newspaper, ‘It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.’I still cannot believe she is no more. How can she die? She was a healthy person. I am still in shock, I just cannot believe what has happened.’

Angela was taken to the hospital due to Pneumonia where her organs failed and died.

Jaspal Singh from Ludhiana told reporters the mother of 2 had told him she was divorced nearly ten years ago.

The two became friends on Facebook last year and started to chat on skype where she introduced her children to him.

He told the local newspaper the Daily Mail ‘Initially we were very formal with each other,’ he said. ‘We talked about our jobs, she told me she was a nurse and she told me had immense faith in God. But slowly we were chatting more often and for longer.


‘After a month she asked if I wanted to Skype. I was very happy when I saw her for the first time on video chat, she was very pretty.
‘She told me: “I was praying to God to send me my soul mate and now I’ve found you”. I couldn’t believe her words and I blushed. I was very happy to hear her say those words.’

‘In January this year she told me she wanted to meet me, but I told her it was cold so to wait a while,’ he said.
‘And then when she told me she wanted to come in May she booked her tickets before I could tell her it was very hot in May. She just booked her tickets.’

‘I was very excited to see her,’ he said. ‘And she looked so angelic and beautiful. I was so happy to meet her but we didn’t hug or kiss or anything.’

On her first week in India, Jaspal took her site seeing and visited Sri Harmandir Sahib. He said, ‘She wanted to see the Golden Temple but I kept putting it off because it was so hot outside and I thought it’d be too much for her. I regret that now, I regret not taking her like she wanted.’


‘She was a lovely person. She was very grounded and polite and very spiritual.

‘She was always talking about her faith in God, although she never told me if she was interested in Sikhism or wanted to convert to Sikhism.’

‘It was too soon to talk about marriage, we’d only just met,’ he said. ‘Though we said “I love you” to each other many times, we were just enjoying our time together.

Jaspal was heartbroken after the doctors gave him the sad news of Angela passing away.

‘She even learnt to say “I love you” in Punjabi.’

‘I took her to our local doctor who suggested it was a viral fever and advised some medicines,’ Mr Singh said.

‘She took those medicines and she felt better for two days, but she started coughing and it got worse.’

The medical reports indicated Angela suffered from pneumonia and died due to multiple organ failure.


He added: ‘When the doctors told me she had died I could not believe it. The earth beneath my feet began to crumble.

‘My mother was at the hospital. She started crying. My mother was with her taking care of her day and night. She did a lot for her. She had become a member of our family member. Her death is a huge loss for us.

‘I feel she died because of the weather, had she not come to meet me she would still be alive. I cannot believe she is dead. It is very hard for me at the moment.’

Dr Gurpreet Singh who treated the woman said,‘She was brought to us on the afternoon of May 16. She was already in a very critical condition and had been sick for ten days.

‘We diagnosed her with severe pneumonia and she died of multiple organ failure on the morning of May 17 at around 10am.

‘She was referred to us from another hospital. It’s hard to say if we could’ve saved her. She’d been sick for ten days and if she was brought to us earlier who knows what the outcome could’ve been. But she did not have any poor medical history.’

The police commissioner will be conducting a thorough investigation since the person is from a foreign nationality.

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