A tragic video of a ritual gone wrong when worshipers drowned while doing it in torrential waters. The men were attempted to throw a statue of a Hindu God into the water fall but instead drowned while doing so.

The amazing thing is that the worshipers are willing to risk their own life and paid the price when one by one 3 men were taken by the rushing water.

Why Idols are drowned:

Several history books suggest that the ritual use to be environmental friendly in old times when idols were made of materials that were helpful for fish and other creatures of the water. However, now days the the statues are made with many harmful chemicals that harm the environment.

Idol worship

The worship of murtis (icons) is an important part of several Hindu traditions, such as Vaishnavism and Shaivism, although some Hindu denominations like Arya Samaj and Satya Mahima Dharma have rejected idol worship.

Sikhs regards idol worship as false practice and followers are considered as animals having low intellect, hence strongly rejects in worship of any sort of physical idol, symbol, picture, or statue. Pictures of gurus and the book itself are not directly prayed to or revered in place of Sikhism’s formless God. Pictures of gurus are not a requirement in the Gurdwara, and they are often not even displayed in the Darbar Sahib (prayer hall), but by the eating areas.

This shows the low level of spiritual reverence for physical representations of the Gurus, as opposed to prayer (prayer is not a “verbal idol”). Only recital of prayers and listening to hymns make up Sikh prayer.

Where Kabir states that idol worshiper will drown in river of darkness, there Guru Gobind Singh does not hesitate from calling the idol worshiper, an animal of low intellect or stone mind. Guru Nanak also used term blind and mute, the blindest of the blind and ignorant fools for idol worshipers.

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