Top 10 Reasons Why Sikhs Shouldn’t Celebrate Rakhdi


Guest Posted By Manpreet Kaur

1) Tradition of Rakhdi Started after Bebe Nanaki Ji’s Death (1464-1518) Rakhdi Started 1538, so the pictures circulating of Bebe Nanaki Tying Rakhdi on Guru Nanak Dev Ji are Fake and False. 

2) Guru Nanak Dev Ji Denounced the Janeu(Sacred Thread), and so it would be against his teachings to tie any kind of thread, especially if it’s representing protection.

3) What a Sacred Thread Should be According to Guru Nanak Dev Ji Ang 471:
Da-i-a Kapah Santokh Sut Jat Gandhi Sat Vat ॥
Make compassion the cotton, contentment the thread, modesty the knot and truth the twist.
Ehu Janeu Jia Ka Hai Ta Pade Ghat ॥
This is the sacred thread of the soul; if you have it, then go ahead and put it on me.
Na Ehu Tutai Na Mal Lagai Na Ehu Jalai Na Jae ॥
It does not break, it cannot be soiled by filth, it cannot be burnt, or lost.
Dhan So Manas Nanka Jo Gal Chale Pae ॥
Blessed are those mortal beings, O Nanak, who wear such a thread around their necks.
Chaukar Mul Anaia Bahi Chaukai Paia ॥
You buy the thread for a few shells, and seated in your enclosure, you put it on.
Sikha Kann Charaia Gur Barahman Thia ॥
Whispering instructions into others’ ears, the Brahmin becomes a guru.
Oh Mua Oh Jhar Paia Vetga Gaia ॥
But he dies, and the sacred thread falls away, and the soul departs without it. ||1||

4) Sikhs are Warriors, and So Sikh females can protect themselves.

5) A Brother Should Always protect His Sister everyday, they’re shouldn’t be a ceremony confirming the commitment and or relation. A Thread will wear out but not the love between a brother and sister.

6) In Sikh Philosopy, It’s Akal Purakh that protects it’s devotees

7) Hindu Religion Has it’s own reasoning for Celebrating Rakhdi, it is not a Sikh Ritual, teaching, or way of life.

8) Justificiation given “What’s the Harm in Celebrating?” There is no harm in celebrating but Sikh Gurus removed us from such practices and meaningless rituals, but many of us are bringing them back into our lives. Instead you can make some good food or sweet food for your brother and celebrated it that way, instead of tying thread. 

9) A sister tying a Thread on her brother’s wrist is a sign of weakness on the female’s part.

10) Sikh Dharam Sees all as equals and believes in Truthful Living. As For protection, Guru Ji is our Rakhvala, our protection, and has given us Sri Sahib to protect our own self. Only thing on our wrists should be a Sarabloh Kara.

This Post is only for Sikhs, We respect all cultures, we don’t mean to offend anyone. 


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