A Presentation by Chakde TV from Canada on the historical events of April 2 in Sikh history.

Brief Synopsis on Today in Sikh History:

Timur Shah (son of Ahmad Shah) and Jahan Khan (Governor of Lahore) attacked Sri Harmandir Sahib, destroyed Sri Darbar Sahib and completely filled sarowar with debris. During the 4th invasion of Ahmad Shah in 1756-7, he reached Delhi and systematically plundered the city. But he was forced to returned back due to outbreak of cholera epidemic in his troops> During this invasion, Sirhind was annexed to his empire. Ala Singh of Patiala submitted to Ahmad Shah. But the Sikhs attacked Timur Shah at Sunam and relieved him of half of his treasure. Sikhs also attacked the rear of Afghan troops and relieved them of a lot of their loot. As a result, the infuriorated Ahmad Shah sent an expedition against the Sikhs that destroyed Sri Harimandir Sahib and filled the holy tank with debris.

Construction of permanent sarowar of Amritsar

In sunmat 1643, the construction of permanent sarowar began and its name changed to “Amritsar”. As a result the surrounding city also adopted the “Amritsar” name. On magh 1, sunmat 1645, Guru Arjun Dev Patshah asked Sain Mian Meer to lay the foundation stone of Harminder Sahib. The foundation stone was laid right in the middle of the sarowar and upon completion of its construction, Sri Guru Granth Sahib’s prakash was established in sunmat 1661.

Treaty of Amritsar signed between Maharaja Ranjit Singh and the British. Maharaja Ranjit Singh desired to be the overlord of all Sikh States. The British gave protection to Cis-Sutlej States and confined Maharaja Ranjit Singh to Sutlej and thus came very close to Lahore. After quite a bit of sabre rattling Maharaja Ranjit Singh succumbed to British pressure. This treaty was a major defeat for Maharaja Ranjit Singh at the hands of the British. Maharaja Ranjit Singh withdrew his forces from Faridkot and Malerkotla.

The Sikh forces of Maharaja Ranjit Singh were disbanded, approximately a year after the East Indian Company gained controled of Punjab on Mar. 29, 1849.

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