A good time to revoke the thinking of Sikh leadership, especially after Jagraj Singh has brought the like minded together.

In the UK, the Sikh community have suffered from personality driven structures being in positions of influence and monopolising much of the dialogue and decisions, not dissimilar to Punjab. Sikh leadership requires Guru-centric decision making which involves ensuring the leadership is not skewed by one group or one individual but centered around Gurmat values.

Gurdwara committees, jathebandis and higher level representations still follow a pattern of personality and popularity politics rather than the Miri-Piri Sovereign approach. This has resulted in our frustrating stalemate position. Sangat do not have the full confidence in committees/leadership and Panthic leadership looks disjointed from the Sangat.

In the UK Sikh leadership, a Punj (five) model can be endorsed by the Sangat based on their Gurmat values and as a panel who have the role of ratifing decisions put forward by the Sarbat or a committee. This results in a mandate for Gurmat based decisions to support both faculties of Miri and Piri.

Similar to Punjab, the UK leadership is in need of progressing a structure which has the buy-in of the masses and is run in such a way that the Guru’s Sangat can proudly feel represented across genders, classes and backgrounds.
With all the goodwill, committees and subcommittee, unless there is a robust Gurmat based structure at the top then I cannot see how we escape the disjointed decision making.

In the following video, Bhai Jagraj Singh talks about the Panj Piyare System:

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