1993 blasts plotter Tiger Memon threatened to avenge his brother Yakub Memon’s hanging. He called his mother in Mumbai hours before the hanging of Yakub Memon.

The call from Tiger Memon came at around 5.35 am on the Memon residence landline number.

An unidentified man (UM) from the Memon residence picks up the phone. The caller doesn’t identify himself but quickly says, ” Salam walikum, Hello”

The unidentified male (UM) then replies: Walikum salam Bhai.

Tiger: Ammi Jaggi hai kya. (Is mother awake)

UM: Woh raat bhar soyi nahi hai. (She hasn’t slept since last night)

Tiger: Baat karao ( I want to speak to her)

There is a pause of around 30 seconds as the cordless phone is being taken inside to the room where the mother is. While going to the room UM meets someone else who asks who is on the line, UM carrying the phone says, ‘Bhaijaan ka phone hai,’.

The Unidentified Male enters a room and tells his mother: “Bhaijaan baat karenge,” He repeats it again: “Bhaijaan baat karenge.”

There is some murmuring which is not audible. Hanifa apparently doesn’t want to talk to Tiger. So the UM insists, “Tum baat to karo.”

Hanifa Memon, the mother of Tiger Memon then takes the phone, there are a few moments of silence. In a feeble voice she says something to Tiger that is inaudible.

Tiger: “Salam walikum Ammi khairiyat.”

In a feeble voice she says something the voice is inaudible.

Tiger says: “Salam walikum ammi khairiyat?”

Hearing this- the mother Hanifa starts crying. There is a pause for 35 seconds as she sobs.

Tiger then says: “Zulm ki inteha ho gayi hai. Zaya nahi jayega,” (This is the height of injustice, this will not go waste.) And repeats it one more time: “Yeh sab zaya nahi jayega,”

Yakub’s mother starts sobbing more on the phone now.

So Tiger promises: “Tum ro mat ammi iska inko izafa dena hoga.”

Hanfia says something which is inaudible-

Tiger: “main unko chukwaonga” (I will make them pay)

Tiger’s mother says in a feeble voice: “Bas ho gaya, Pehle ke vajah se mera Yakub gaya ab aur nahin main dekh sakti.

main nahi dekh sakti

main nahi dekh sakti”

And begins to cry again.

The UM who answered the phone initially then takes the phone again from the mother and says: “Bhai…”

Tiger says: “usko sambhalo, sabko sambhalo”

UM replies: “Woh abhi baat nahi karengi woh ro rahi hai. sab ro rahe hain.”

Tiger: “Sabke asoo zaya nahi jayenge” (Everyone’s tears will not go waste)

“Sabka khayal rakho” (Take care of everyone)

UM: “Dua pado bhai” (Recite some prayers)

The phone gets cut then. The call made from a VOIP connection was bouncing from one Internet Protocol address to another, so the trace was not completed.

Via Economic Times

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