Thousands Still Stranded, With Rising Death Toll in J&K

Anger boiled over today among the residents of Srinagar after being stranded for days in the flooded city. They directed their frustration and rage at the armed forces whose troops have been working around the clock in a tireless mission that has so far brought nearly 80,000 people to safety.
About four lakh people were still stranded and desperate for help today (Sep 9) in flood-ravaged Kashmir Valley. Heavy rains have eased to help scale up the massive multi-agency rescue and relief efforts in which nearly 43,000 people have so far been safely evacuated. These are the worst floods to hit Jammu and Kashmir in six decades. The death toll in the floods, landslides and house collapses triggered by torrential monsoon rains since Tuesday last was stated to be around 200. Armed Forces pull out all stops to evacuate those stranded in the state.
Over 50,000 people have been rescued in flood hit Jammu and Kashmir and flood victims are thanking efforts made by the India Army

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