The celebrations of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Parkash Purab have been planned for many years and it appears Takht Sri Patna Sahib has all the arrangements done. The biggest issue at large events is usually the accommodations but the Takht Sahib has made tremendous arrangements for the celebrations with plenty of sleeping space.

The sangat has several options to use from.

The first is the exclusive Hotel type rooms at a building made by Takht Sri Patna Sahib Committee.


The Second is the tent city specially set up which is free to all.





Rooms available for 350 Years Birth Celebration of Shri. Guru Gobind Singh Ji. For Booking, Please Call on Toll Free Numbers

1800 123 8150
1800 123 8151

Email Id for enquiry:

You can also fill the online form for quicker service: Online Form
You can also call +91 1800 123 8151

For a complete layout of the grand plan and maps: Maps and Plan

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