Saint Soldier (Artist)

” A Stray ”
(Music Video )

Music by Dj Hark
Saint Soldier (Abbotsford , BC ) has teamed up with music producer Dj Hark (Abbotsford , BC ) to put together this powerful and inspirational track and music video to shed some light on the ongoing issue our community faces with its youth and the involvement in gang violence. Living in the heart of the violence Saint Soldier has witnessed the conflicts first hand. He hopes the message in this song will get through to at least one of the young kids being pulled into this lifestyle.

In his own words..

A Stray is a story inspired by true events in the lower mainland, British Columbia. It tells the tale of a south asian teenager being pulled into gang life, by showing the family and social conditioning that leads him to make his decisions. I think it’s important for people to feel empathy for all others. This way, instead of judging solely by observation, we can begin to understand the possible reasons and circumstances that lead them to be a certain way. Only then do we develop a desire to help one another. In this video, we try to portray what might lead one into this lifestyle, and what devastation could result from it. This is all in hopes to get through to any youth who are taking their first steps toward it. We also address those who have gone deeper into it, ask them to forgive themselves and change their ways. Nothing but your karma goes with you when you die.

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( Warning Strong Language )

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