Sagarjeet Singh is the only Sikh Doctor in Sind and 3rd MBBS Sikh Doctor of Pakistan. He hails from Shikarpur. He belonged to a lower middle-class family. His father worked as an accountant of a rice mill. His mother had a deep desire to get his son educated and was ready to sacrifice whatever it took to get him successful. She even had to mortgage her jewelry for his matriculation fees.

Gradually the hard work & sacrifices started paving his way to success.

He bagged the sixth position in the entrance conducted at his district as well as got two scholarships in Chandka Medical College. He did his house-job in JPMC Karachi and then worked in UAE for 6 months.

He came back after completing his post graduation, currently he is pursuing his training in Nephrology in SIUT Pakistan. He has specialized his training in Kidney transplant and Nephrology. SIUT is known to be the Only Institute in Pakistan to have its first successful transplant.

In Pakistan, Sikhs are considered a hard working community having a population of about 50,000 Sikhs there are ONLY 4-5MBBS Doctors

While sharing his experience in Pakistan, he remarks “ You won’t believe that Sikhs are loved & respected by the people of Pakistan more than anyone else. When I Joined the SIUT hospital in Karachi, I was the Only Sikh Doctor in the entire Hospital but still I was able gathered so much warmth & respect from everyone. I gained the trust and confidence of the patients in a very short span of time. All those trendsetters among Sikh youth are able to achieve such milestones only because of higher education.”

“Sikhs got popularity in the sectors of medical science, army, police department and banking only due to quality education which turned out to be their asset. Though, a large number of rich and wealthy Sikh families dwell here but none of them has acquired fame due to their wealth.”

He shares his special message for the Sikhs especially the youth-

“Education is a real jewel and wealth that can never be stolen. It polishes your skills and develops your character.

I, therefore convey my message to the entire Sikh nation to educate their children!


Secondly, I request entire Sikh youth to work more efficiently with their firm stand on practicing Sikhi in order to represent their nation among the BEST because Sikhs working in all these sectors (medical, trade, police, army and politics etc.) are actually the ambassadors of their Sikh nation.”

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~ Tapasleen Kaur Via Baru Sahib

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