This story is about how the Sikhs even in their hard times did not give up on the values taught to them by their Gurus which were – to stay in “Chardhikala” at all times and doing “Shukrana” for whatever “AKALPURAKH” has bestowed upon us.

It teaches us that with courage and sacrifice we can face any dire situation in our lives. The short Film ‘Savaaya’ teaches us how less can be more in harsh circumstances and to live within our means and to thank god always.

The sacrifices of Singhs who lived in the Jungles after the Mughal Government started to massacres Sikhs is praise worthy. We can’t imagine what our ancestors lived through but can learn from their teachings of sacrifice. They went weeks without eating yet were still in Chardi Kala to fight against oppression. has received all of the entries for its 10th annual Youth Online Film Festival. The SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival has become a much anticipated event within the worldwide Sikh community. This year, the theme for the festival is “Sikhs – Agents of Change.” SikhNet received 27 films from young Sikh directors in the United States, the United Kingdom, India and the United Arab Emirates. These films can now be viewed through the SikhNet website.

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