A man with a very little knowledge about Sikhs filmed a video selfie sitting next to a sleeping Sikh man and asked “Would you feel safe” after it was posted on live leak.


The man thought it was a great idea to make a selfie video with a sleeping Sikh next to him on a plane and added a caption saying if it was safe. What the man didn’t know was that, the man he was filming is a Sikh from Punjab, India. Sikhs have long beards, brown skin, and wear turban!

The guy can be scene going back and forth in the video and smiling while he recorded. He’s unaware that it’s a job of Sikhs to protect others. Sikhs have fought in both World Wars and defended freedom of many countries. Over 86,000 Sikhs died and over 180,000 were wounded in the World Wars.

Quite clearly, the man recording had bad intentions and judging others before even getting the facts correct.

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