Day in and day out, a human keeps flowing in the ocean of life, no matter how smooth or troublesome the path maybe. His everlasting quest for a better life triggers him to find best possible ways to live a meaningful life. Well, this attempt also empowers him to come to terms with ups and downs.

In this journey of happy and sad moments, a human is often accompanied by his closed ones whose sentimental support becomes indispensable to stay composed and focussed even when the circumstances go unfavourable. So, no doubt, his blood relations stand by him during hardships, but there come times when opinions contradict and a tussle makes it way. This impasse tends to deteriorate his power of thinking and ultimately, ends up landing him nowhere.

So, where lies the solution? Doesn’t it pose a great challenge to a human’s temperament? Yes, it does and apparantly, his wish to live a meaningful life gets defeated.

The capability of human beings to perceive things and use their approach is limited. There is felt the need of someone who could provide an incessant support and handle the turbulence and tribulation of life in his own manner.

This kind of a friend is unlimited in his approach, for his roots don’t lie in this materialistic world, but belong to the world of eternity. His power is unlimited and his existence is beyond time. It’s only his guidance and mentorship that help one strike a right chord between different activities. This role is played by an eternal friend who doesn’t let your morale go down, but boosts it, doesn’t contradict with your opinion, but sets its compatibility with you, doesn’t allow pessimism to disrupt you, but infuses your instinct with never-ending zeal.

Such an eternal relationship is not bounded by selfish means, but is channelized by an association that is free of prejudice. Yes, this is the beauty of a real relationship that a pupil shares with his Perfect Master. A Perfect Master bestows on his pupil, the eternal technique of self-realization, Brahmgyan that helps him establish direct connection with the Master inside only through meditation. This eliminates the need of rejoicing in this materialistic world where happiness stays for a certain period of time and then a human again becomes restless.

This kind of friend is guru sahib.

Via: Sikh Youth Kettering

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