In case you haven’t seen a ‘Bagla Bhagt’ (see picture above)! There is a very interesting and meaningful story behind this picture taken in August 2008. A single branch of this red rose would have 16-20 flower buds at the top. There was a crab apple tree branch on the southern (sunny) side that created shade to this plant. I planned to cut that big branch. At times when we cut tree branches, these could twist and fall on the wrong side.



Instead of falling on the southern side after the cut, it sadly fell on the rose plant and split the rose branch (one of the stems from the crown) from the crown and fell flat on the ground; though it didn’t break. I felt very sad and bad about it and motivated by my Satguru Ji prayed for uniting this branch with the main crown. He made me to straighten the branch and put the branch along with other branches/stems in the cage seen in the picture and repeatedly recited the following Gurwak from Sukhmani Sahib:


And, due to kindness of the Ever Merciful Lord, the broken branch didn’t even welt and stayed green and growing. When in His Will, I shared this story with a Bio-Technologist friend in India, he asked me to send the picture of the rose with me. The picture was taken by a dear friend at Thunder Bay, Dr. Gautam Das with my camera. At that time, we didn’t notice that my eyes were closed in the picture. My Satguru Ji is Great! I may add that the quoted Gurwak is meant to unite separated souls such as mine with the Supreme Lord (our Mool/Crown). He made me to use this Gurwak to unite the separated branch with its Mool (crown). The prayer with His Grace was from the core of my heart and also my God given belief that He listens, He is Samrath and He can do anything! He is:


May All be united with Him by His Prema Bhagti!

Best Regards.

Guru’s Singh

Dr. Tarlok Singh (Sahota) CCA

Via: Sikhnet

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