The Story of What So Many Mothers in Punjab are Suffering Through

Below is true story of what so many mothers in Punjab are suffering through.



Translated version:

When I asked this elderly woman on what happened? She wiped her tears off with her chunni and said these office people bring awful tears.

What did they say? She replied by saying, “my husband has grown very old and and isn’t able to walk much and they have stated to find out regarding pension next year.”

In a low voice I asked what her sons did for a living. She said, “one works far away where his my grandchildren go to school and give me about 1,000 to 1,200 rupees per month.”

She added, “The other one is on drugs and I even locked up food in the house as I’m afraid he’ll sell it to buy drugs.” The poor woman’s eyes expressed the sadness she must be suffering through on a daily basis.

I thought she might not even have enough money to reach her home. I reached for my purse to give some money to her and to not worry but she refused and said, “No, you are like my daughter, we don’t take money from daughters.”

I was emotionally touched by this comment of her.

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