The Speech on Truth of 84 That Will Leave You Speechless

Could Sant Bhindranwale’s surrender have avoided the destruction of Operation Bluestar? This speech is a game changer and gives a startling narrative to the one we have been forced to digest for 30 years.

“My mission is to administer Amrit, to explain the meanings of Gurbani and to teach Gurbani to those around me; … and (to tell people) that a Hindu should be a firm Hindu, a Muslim should be a firm Muslim, and a Sikh should be a firm Sikh”

“I am a slave of the panth. This is not my taksal, by the grace of the Guru and Sant Kartar Singh I was given the seva of running this taksal. This is not my taksal, it was started by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji.”

The Man of the Century

Sant Giani Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale
Present Mukhi Damdami Taksaal Jatha.

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