The Mahapurkh Who Did Akhand Paaths By Memory

Once Maharaja Heera Singh of kapurthla asked in his Durbar ” Is there any person/Granthi who would recite the entire Bani of Shri Guru Granth Sahib ” in one sitting.

Some one from durbaris told the king that Baba Narayan singh is able to recite in only one sitting. Baba ji was called and asked to do what wanted the king. Baba Ji to do the Akhand Paath in one sitting.

On the terms and conditions that he would no accept any honorarium for the job.

The Maharaja King agreed to Bhai Sahib’s demand. But a carpenter was called and ordered to fabricate a gold plated chair . The chair was fabricated likely to be fitted on the shoulders of the king. Baba ji completed the job in 72 hrs in only one sitting. Baba ji conducted the incredible sewa without taking water and no urination. When the Bhog was performed , the king asked babaji to be seated on the chair.

The maharaja hold the occupied chair on his shoulders and had a round in the streets of Kapurthala with the Shahi Band. Afterwards the chair was donated to BABA Narayan Singh ji.

Baba Naryan Singh is also the father of famous Sikh historian Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha.

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