The Incredible Selfless Service by Canadian MP Kamal Khera Receives Appreciation

Canadian Sikh MP Kamal Khera, a registered nurse takes it upon herself to help in Canada’s vaccination efforts.

The MP of Brampton West was a hero by serving on the front lines when the coronavirus pandemic hit Canada in March 2020. She fearlessly put back her scrubs to assist in the nursing shortage. Despite knowing the tremendous risks of the coronavirus, she bravely came into the aid of patients by volunteering at the local nursing home.

Canadian MP Kamal Khera helps in vaccination efforts.

Unfortunately, she became ill with the coronavirus in March of 2020 but after recovering she continued to aid patients using her registered nurse experience.

Now, Kamal Khera is using her experience as a registered nurse by helping in Canada’s vaccination efforts. The MP of Canada has set a strong example of courage and came in when Canada needed her most. A true selfless service human being, she’s proven that when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Kamal Khera made a successful recovery and quickly came back to the frontlines.  

Despite working hard for her constituents in the medical field, she continued her work by bringing in 113 millions dollars to aid Brampton’s transit network.

In the education sector, she’s helped in bringing $763.34 million for Ontario to get kids safely back into classrooms. The commitment of Kamal to Brampton West and her community truly stands out and sets her apart from many politicians. It’s truly a rare occurrence that a public servant wholeheartedly commits her life to literally improve the lives of the people she serves.

Kamal Khera is a true example of putting words to actions and a true selfless servant.