The Battle of Bhangani

The Battle of Bhangani Between Guru Gobind Singh Ji and Hill Raja Hari Chand

Since Hari Chand Was a Great Archer, Guru Ji Told him to Strike, Hari Missed 2 Times, Last time it scraped Guru Ji, With slight Blood coming out. The Battle Began, as Guru Ji and His Singhs Never Attacked First, It was always the Opponent. Guru Ji Then Shot His Arrow and the Arrow Went between the forehead of Hari Chand.
“In the raging battle Guru Sahib Ji shouted out to him “Hari Chand, here I am. Strike me if you can, you may feels sorry afterwards that Gobind Singh did not give me a chance your proudness in archery.” Upon this, Hari Chand drew his arrow hard and shot it at Guru Sahib Ji with all his might.


The arrow missed. A second chance was given and this time it managed to touch Guru Ji’s left ear. Guru Ji shouted again “Hari Chand, you consider yourself an expert and a very good marksman, I give you one more try.”

These words infuriated Hari Chand and he shot his third arrow with full force. The arrow clipped Guru Ji’s waist belt but Guru Ji remained unhurt. Now it was Guru Ji’s turn, he told the Raja to get ready. Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s one arrow pierced the forehead of Hari Chand and he fell off his horse.” Source Info Sikh Website

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