Thankful to Sikhs, Muslims End Saharanpur Land Dispute

A ten year land dispute in Saharanpur finally ended after the Sikh and Muslim community reached an agreement. The conflict involved a piece of land which became disputed and the matter even reached the Supreme Court. The land had adjoined a Gurdwara Sahib which the Gurdwara purchased for expansion of the Gurdwara complex.

However the Muslim community claimed that one of the demolished buildings in the purchased plot was a old mosque.

The Muslim party ended the claim and in return Sikhs gave Muslims another piece of land.

The Muslim community has stated the reason to forgo the claim was to show gratitude for the help given by Sikhs in the Delhi riots and for extending support for the CAA protests.

The QUINT Reported:

“In view of the great service and support rendered by the Sikhs to Muslims in Delhi throughout the protests and most recently during the riots in Delhi, the Masjid committee in Saharanpur decided to give up its claim over the land as a token of gratitude and thanksgiving,” said Nizam Pasha, who represented the Muslim side in the Supreme Court

“Sikhs stand for humanity. They help people in need. The helped people affected by the communal violence in Delhi. This is God’s work,” the Muslim petitioner Muharram Ali told The Quint.

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