A Sikh from Bangkok, Thailand named Pinderpal Singh committed to support 100 families affected by farmer suicides in Punjab.

Bangkok, Thailand-based Sikh Pinderpal Singh today adopted 100 families of suicide victims at an event in Punjab.

The Singh has committed to provide financial aid of 1,000 Rs per month for each family. At the event organized by Baba Nanak Education Society of Chandigargh in association with United Sikhs, the Sikh gave 2000rs to families of victims who lost a loved one to do farmer suicides.


The noble act came just days after a farmer committed suicide for not receiving his pension for nearly 7 months.

The Sikh will support widows from 30 villages of Punjab and all donations by the Sikh will go through the International Charity United Sikhs. The Baba Nanak Educational Society will assist in the needs of the families who also looks after 300 other families across 300 villages.

The debt load of the farmers which commit suicide is usually a small amount of about 2-5 lakhs but the stress to pay back becomes a burden. The victims who attended the event stated they never received any assistance from the government.

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