Terrorist Who Threatened to Blow Up Sri Darbar Sahib Arrested

Background on Sri Harmandir Sahib:

“Shining in the morning light, the gilded splendour of its panelling, big dome and small minarets, this temple is a fairy world palace to the devotees of the Sikh faith. Certainly, the first look brings onto the innocent eye the image of a transcendent fact. The ‘loving sight’ peering into heaven from the legends of the miraculous cures by the touch of the water in the pool of nectar, in which the shrine stands makes for ecstatic awareness. The vision has been received by millions of pilgrims who have come here for centuries from near and far.” (quoted from a devotee)
Of great historical, spiritual, and emotional significance to the Sikhs, this Gurdwara was first conceived by Guru Amar Das, but its actual construction was begun under the supervision of Guru Ram Das his sucessor. The Temple had modest beginnings, a house built of sun dried mud bricks was the first building constructed by Guru Amar Das. Guru Amar Das is said to have found ‘a medicinal herb growing at the edge of the pool, which cured a skin ailment of his master Guru Angad the ‘second Nanak’. For many years the Amrit Sarovar remained little more than a village tank, until the fourth Guru, Guru Ram Das began to carry out the plans of his mentor Guru Amar Das for a more permanent structure built of kiln fired brick.

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