An explosion occurred inside Gurdwara Sahib in Essen, Germany of the Nanaksar Group. Several people have been reported injured due to the bomb blast and it’s suspected that an assailant threw the explosive and fled. The CCTV cameras of the Gurdwara were not in operation during the blast. However, an audio recording of the incident has surfaced.

The assailant was described by eyewitnesses as being a man fully dressed in black with a mask on who threw the bomb inside the Gurdwara in a bag and fled the scene.

The motive of the attacker or attackers is still not known but Germany media news reports have stated that three people were held in custody in relation to the attack.


local media reported that 3 suspects were arrested in connection to the blast. The injured were being reported as the guests who were attending the wedding ceremony inside the Gurdwara.  Children were also inside preparing for Vaisakhi celebrations.

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On Saturday, media reports appeared that at least three people were injured in an explosion at a wedding ceremony. A device reportedly exploded near the entrance to a chapel.

According to the Bild newspaper, eyewitnesses reportedly told police that a person entered the chapel and threw “something that looked like a bomb” at the guests.

At the moment, the police does not associate the incident with terrorism, the paper reported. Details of the incident are being investigated.

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Reported by Rajoana TV:

A person clothed fully in black with a black mask on, planted a bomb outside the Gurdwara near the Nishan Sahib (listen to audio below).
When the bomb exploded, there was a wedding happening inside the gurdwara and kids classes were going on.

Maharaj da saroop is in chardikla. No harm done.

The sangat is fine as well. The Granthi Singh got injured mainly on his legs and was taken by the emergency services. No further update on his health yet. The other sangat is fine physically.

The bomb was really powerful. Windows of flats around the gurdwara are all bursted. Residents have come to the Gurdwara to show their support and are standing with the Sikhs.

No update on suspects or motives.

An Eyewitness breaks down what occurred inside the Gurdwara Sahib:

Video showing immediate aftermath:

Gurdwara Attacked in Germany – Witnesses

Eyewitness 2:

Audio Recording at the time of the bomb blast inside the Gurdwara:

Full Report on the incident: 

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