4 French tourists fall through Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk bridge, New Zealand

After China’s cracked glass-Bottom bridge All Over the World Created a stir, here in New Zealand Comes SPINE chilling Footage of a bridge collapsing.

The CLIP shows Hopu Ruahine Four French Tourists Trekking towards the bridge in Hawkes Bay. One of the Tourists managed to Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk Capture the EXACT moment on the bridge were they Crossing As it collapsed. The Tourists fell 8 meters into the River, according to NZ Herald . Luckily, no injuries were reported Major.

The Incident took place on September 3 and Adrien Whistle, who was Part of the GROUP, Uploaded the video on YouTube a month later on October 5. Since It has received and is being actively Over 9 lakh views Shared on Social Media.

Mike Slater, Department of Conservation Operations Manager, told NZ Herald that the Incident took place because a “Cable on the bridge Released”. As many 10 people at the bridge could Supposedly Carry As a time. It has been for Shut Now.


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