Ten Ways Sikhs Can Prevent Hate Crimes on Them in USA

1) Engage with your Community by educating as many people as possible by talking to them and explaining in simple terms of who you are.

2) Form a National Campaign to spread awareness by collaborating with various Sikh Groups across the country.

3) A fund should be created to purchase ads on newspapers and TV Channels to highlight Sikh Identity and principles.

4) Educate yourself about Sikhi, than only you can educate others.

5) Instead of 10 different Sikh Groups Making Leaflets for distribution, all should join together and make one simple effective leaflet for distribution.

6) Those who have cut their Kesh due to fear of being attacked should keep them. Why? As more people will see people with Turbans the more the awareness will be spread.

7) Do Seva, This is the simplest way to go about spreading awareness. Get together with friends and discuss what type of Seva you can do. Examples 1. Clean your city block by picking up trash  2. Buy a case of water, hand it out for free on the street on a warm day. 2. Clean your local park or volunteer to help in a community center.

8) Do Street Parchar about Sikhi(recommended to only those who are confident enough to be in public) Watch Basics of Sikhi Videos to Learn How

9) Get together with friends and educate them or students in your high school or college.

10) Gurdwara Committees should hold active sessions weekly or monthly with their local Sangat planning how to spread awareness of Sikhs. This one can be very effective as you have many minds working together.

Before another Sikh gets attacked for mistaken Identity, your small gesture can make a big difference. 

By Daily Sikh Updates

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