Here is a list of ten of the most expensive Gurdwara buildings of the world according to publicly reported costs. Gurdwara architecture in the developed countries has taken a new revolution due to the use of modern technology and available resources.

1. Name: Sri Guru Singh Sabha
Place: Southhall, UK
Cost: 35 Million Dollars


2.Name: San Jose Gurdwara
Place: San Jose, California, USA
Cost: 32 Million Dollars


3. Name: Glasgow Gurdwara (Under Construction) To Open 2015
Cost: 25 Million Dollars
Place: Glasgow, Scotland, UK


4.Name: Akali Singh Gurdwara
Place: Vancouver, Canada
Cost: 22 Million Dollars


5. Name: Ontario Khalsa Darbar ( Has Highest Nishan Sahib Outside India)
Place: Toronto, Canada
Cost: 21 Million Dollars


6. Name: Guru Nanak Darbar
Place: Dubai, UAE
Cost: 20.1 Million Dollars


7. Name: The Guru Nanak Marg Gurdwara Known As Gravesend Gurdwara
Place:Gravesend, UK
Cost: 20 Million Dollars


8. Name: Sikh Center of San Francisco Bay Area
Place: El Sobrante, California
Cost: 18 Million Dollars


9.Name: Gurdwara Sahib Kalgidhar Darbar
Place: Abbotsford, Canada
Cost: 17 Million Dollars


10. Name: Gurdwara Sahib Craigiburn
Place: Victoria, Australia
Cost: 15 Million Dollars


By Daily Sikh Updates Editors

List of Ten Most Expensive Gurwdaras in the World

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