his was my Graduation Film Project done at Media Design School, Auckland in 16 weeks time frame, I wanted to recreate the battle winning moment and showcase the warrior’s spirit with a narrative through visuals and audio about the war why it happened who won and where it happened through the camera animation inside the whole war scene and still character in dynamic pose as a 50 to 1 minute teaser that can act as a Cinematic teaser for a 3d game or a short film .

It is the story of the brave warrior named Banda Singh Bahadur appointed by Guru Gobind Singh Ji (10th Sikh Guru). He appointed him as (Military Commander) and invested him with full political and military authority as his deputy to lead the campaign in the Punjab against the Muslim and Mughal administration, to punish Nawab Wazir Khan (Mughal Governor ) and his supporters for these inhumane crimes of killing Innocent people and families of Sikh Gurus.

Banda is best known for the sack of the Mughal provincial capital, Sirhind, and is revered as one of the most hallowed martyrs of the Khalsa

He won the battle at Chappar Chiri this was the place where the battle of Sirhind, called the mother of all battles, was fought and won by the Sikhs which were hand full and untrained under the command of Banda Singh Bahadur in 1710 AD.

Via: Pankaj Bhambri

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