Taranjeet Singh Shortlisted For 1 Way Trip to Mars for 2024

29 Year old Taranjeet Singh a Doctorate in Computer Science at University of Central Florida has been short listed to for a one way trip to mars in 2024.

3 Indians are on a short list of 100 people around the world to set up a human colony on Mars. The private mission will have 4 lucky people from around the world for a permanent stay at Mars.


The ambitious Netherlands based non profit has aimed to set up a human colony which was announced this past Monday. Another Indian named Shraddha from Kerala was also selected few days ago.

The 100 people who got selected will face numerous rounds of interviews.

The next process will focus on who can endure different types of hardships due to the permanent settlement on Mars.

Here is how the 100 people from around the world are broken down to 50 men and 50 women with 39 from the Americas, 31 from Europe, 16 from Asia, 7 from Africa and 7 from Oceania.

Taranjeet Singh is one of the lucky 100 to be selected from a total of 202,586 applicants. A total of 40 people will be sent to Mars but the finalists will first train for seven years.

The mission looks to send 4 people at a time to Mars starting in 2024. The most intelligent and fittest candidates will be chosen.

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