A Tamil girl named Pooja embraced Sikhi after incidents in her life enlightened her to learn about the faith. She said she was inspired by the giving nature of the Sikhs and how community well being is at the core of the community. In the video, she states that GurSikhs guided her to learn more about the Gurus. She started to read and sing Gurbani which further enlightened her and she decided to take amrit. Pooja shared her story on the internet to inspire others to learn about the faith.

She shares her struggles in the path to becoming a Sikh on how she was alienated by her friends and family but she didn’t let that deter her.

GurbaniNaad is a name for the group of sewadars who are only focused on Guru Sahib ji and the objective is to inspire ourselves and others to spread the joy of Naam.

The girl named Pooja stated that she was confused about Sikhi by following others but when she researched for herself she found the beauty of Sikhi. The ardas inspired Pooja to learn more about Sikhi and to learn the importance of sangat, kirtan, and naam. She actively participates in seva and states it’s become a hobby for her.

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