Tale of the people who have to leave their villages on border

Following attack at URI, India made surgical strikes at the LOC and killed insurgents looking to cross the LOC. Following the ongoing tension between India and Pakistan, the centre government has directed to vacate the area around 10 km in Punjab from the border line. The central ministry directed the local administrations to implement the orders at the earliest.

Pictures show Punjabis from border areas moving out:

More Pictures:

Latest Developments:

1) Border areas upto 10km from LOC evacauted
2) Rajnaath Singh issues army deployment along LOC
3 Wagah Border Ceremony Cancelled until October 2
4) Sukhbir Badal Cancels all programs
5) All Schools near LOC closed
6) All doctors and Nurses near Border area told to stay on call
7) Parkash Badal issues emergency meetings with Cabinet and Military officers
8) Farmers told to keep away from fields bordering Pakistan
9) Emergency Aid workers told to be on call and be ready for any disasters.
10) Members of the Indian Army reserve told to come on duty.

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