Taksal’s Detailed View on Nanakshahi Calendar (Video)

A Singh from Damdami Taksal presents a detailed account on the Nanakshahi calendar.

Features of the Nanakshahi calendar

1)A solar calendar – based on the time it takes for the earth to rotate around the sun

2) Called Nanakshahi after Guru Nanak (founder of Sikhism) – year one is the year of Guru Nanak’s birth (1469 CE)

3) Scientifically design and keeps in precise tune with the sun’s position; seasons do not slip from year to year!

4) Is based on Gurbani – Months taken directly from Guru Granth sahib

5)Year length is same as Western calendar (365 days 5 hours 48 minutes 45 seconds)

contains 5 months of 31 days followed by 6 months of 30 days; last month is either 30 or 31 in leap years.
leap year every 4 years in which the last month (Phagun) has an extra day
Fixed dates for start of each month when compared to common era calendar

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