A muslim person known as Baba Jalandhari who lives in Pakistan has made a mission to document historical Gurdwaras and Mandirs of Pakistan. He has ventured to far off places taking pictures and videos of abandoned and Gurdwaras all across Pakistan.

The Sikh community through his hard work and ethic has finally done darshan of places which were forgotten never documented until Baba Jalandhari posted pictures of them on his facebook page called Save Historical Gurdwaras and temples of Pakistan.

In this video he takes us to a Khalsa school in Peshawar showing the world that a small school in a 99% muslim populated city operates quite well. The quick tour gives an insight that the Sikhs in Peshawar have maintained their Sikhi and are teaching the future generations.

The school called Bhai Joga singh Khalsa Dharmik School Jogan Shah seems to be fully functioning with different grade levels.

Here is the Video:

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